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    How can the relationship with your saw blade supplier improve the overall ROI of industrial metal cutting operations?

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    Choosing a saw blade supplier to support an industrial metal cutting operation requires looking beyond blade price and cost-per-cut. These are critical factors, but your supplier must do more to help drive ROI – helping tackle a range of ‘hard costs′ and ‘soft costs′ beyond the saw blade, itself.

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    • What are the keys to building a true partnership with your saw blade supplier in an industrial metal cutting operation?
    • What should customers expect from their saw blade suppliers?

    Value-added LENOX services -- from right saw blade to helping optimize industrial metal cutting operations:

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    LENOX believes a saw blade supplier should not only deliver compelling economics via its blade for the metal you are cutting, but the company also should serve as a partner to drive performance and improve the bottom line of your industrial metal cutting operation:

    • On the shop floor, blade suppliers′ should not only help tune machine settings, but also should advise on approaches to machine maintenance, provide a technical knowledgebase around a range of cutting scenarios, improve workflows around metal cutting stations and help optimize material inputs, especially reducing scrap and defective parts.
    • From a macro operations perspective, blade suppliers should provide strategic counsel to plant managers, support operator training, help reduce workplace safety risks, advise on overall process/workflow optimization and help drive improved customer delivery.

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    Need help determining setup procedures for a new cutting job or resolving a specific sawing issue? "SAWCALC from LENOX" is a software tool that considers material composition, size, and shape, as well as the machine model, to prescribe speed, feed, blade, and tooth specifications.

    The program's extensive library of materials is regularly updated, providing accurate cutting recommendations for 54 country standards, and more than 35,000 materials and 9,000 band saw machines.

    Use SAWCALC online right from the shop floor so you can quickly and accurately address any cutting challenge.