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    Understanding the Cut:

    Download this Guide that Examines the Factors that Affect the Cost of Cutting

    Cutting metal with a band saw sounds easy- install the blade on the machine, vise the material and let the machine rip. Still, it is necessary to understand the anatomy and physics of a cut in order to affect the efficiency of the cutting process.

    The LENOX technical service team has put together an easy-to-use guide to assist you in understanding the factors that affect band-sawing efficiency, including tooth design, band speed, feed rates, vise loading, lubrication, the capacity and condition of the machine, and the material you are cutting.

    This guide is intended to help you get started by understanding the basics. Get the most out of your blades by optimizing all of these areas. Extend your blade life and directly impact your cost-per-cut.

    LENOX saw blades and customer service deliver ROI to industrial metal cutting operations:

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    How will your industrial metal cutting operation reduce costs, improve performance, optimize customer delivery and drive overall improvements in ROI this year?

    LENOX believes your saw blade provider should be a key collaborator, not only delivering the right blade for the right cutting job at the right cost-per-cut, but also helping optimize your end-to-end industrial metal cutting operations through best-in-class technologies and practices on the shop floor.

    Find out out how partnering with LENOX can help optimize your metal cutting operations. Request an on-site LENOX blade test today.

    LENOX band saw blades deliver not only compelling economics for a range of metal cutting scenarios, but the company's customer service teams -- available onsite and over the phone when you need them -- and the Lenox Institute of Technology educational team combine to deliver value-added services that can truly transform the ROI of your metal cutting operations.

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