• Improving Performance

    Building a best-in-class industrial metal cutting operation:

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    Is your industrial metal cutting operation leveraging the latest in metal cutting strategies, processes and equipment to optimize delivery to your customers … and to drive bottom-line ROI?

    Check out our latest case studies, profiling your top peers in "Taking the Lead: Common Traits of High-Performing Industrial Metal-Cutting Operations" to see how you compare.

    • How are other industrial metal cutting operations responding to new challenges?
    • What are their approaches to optimizing workflows, reducing costs and managing talent?

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    Fixing talent and training gaps that are the root cause of performance issues in your metal cutting operations:

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    Do you see significant fluctuations in metal cutting performance that can′t be explained by the equipment? Do mistakes seem to be repeated on the shop floor – over and over again? What is the impact of this variability on the bottom line of your industrial metal cutting operation?

    Despite our best efforts to automate metal cutting workflows and processes, our operators on the shop floor remain the lynch pin.

    This ‘human factor′ costs time and money. How can you get to the root of – and solve – the problem?

    Check out our exclusive analysis of common talent and training gaps, "Accounting for Operator Inefficiencies in the Metals 2.0 Environment."

    • What is the real cost of performance variability in a industrial metal cutting operation?
    • How do you diagnose talent and training taps as the ‘root cause′ of metal cutting performance issues?

    Discover Strategies for More Effectively Managing Your Industrial Metal Cutting Resources:

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    Is your industrial metal cutting operation leveraging the latest in metal cutting technology to meet your business goals?

    Check out this whitepaper, "Selecting the Right Cutting Tools for the Job," outlining an easy-to-use framework to assess the utilization of your sawing resources.

    • How do you balance an ever-expanding list of decision-making criteria such as production requirements, application, material parameters, finish, and volume?

    Find Out How Your Blade Manufacturer Can Help Maximize Industrial Metal Cutting Performance:

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    Working with the right vendors has a direct impact on your cutting operation and if you don′t have the right partner you are missing out on an opportunity for competitive advantage. What should you expect from a best-in-class blade manufacturer? That service, in all aspects, extends beyond the provisioning of the blades themselves.

    Check out this whitepaper "Managing Your Blade Manufacturer Relationship" and find out how your blade manufacturer can help you take your industrial metal cutting operation to the next level.

    Evaluate Fundamental Band Sawing Problems by Analyzing the ‘Wear and Tear′ on Your Blades:

    Download this checklist to identify whether your issues are ‘user error′ or ‘machine error′

    More often then not, it is the user that causes blades to fail but sometimes there could be a machine or tool issue. Use this brief reference guide "User Error or Machine Error?" and quickly evaluate the cause to correct the situation and prevent reoccurrence.

    Download and discover several tips and tricks to identifying possible issues for:

    • Heavy and uneven wear
    • Broken bands
    • Tooth discoloration or strippage
    • Much More

    The LENOX Guide to Band Sawing:

    Download this guide for practical band sawing advice

    LENOX is a leader in the field of band saw research. Over the years LENOX has developed new techniques to improve the efficiency of cutting metal. The "LENOX Guide to Band Sawing" has been written to share that information with you. Download to find economical and practical band sawing solutions along with the following topics:

    • Factors that affect the cost of cutting
    • Getting around blade limitations
    • Seven ways to maximize beam strength
    • Much more

    Analyzing the ROI of cost-per-cut improvements in an industrial metal cutting operation:

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    As a industrial metal cutting operation, what are the all-in factors at an equipment, consumable and overhead level you should consider to get to a true cost-per-cut analysis? And what is the overall ROI a business can realize from improvements to cost-per-cut?

    Check out our new spreadsheet calculator, "ROI Analysis of Making Improvements to Cost Per Cut."

    • In addition to traditional factors, are there other process, workflow, training and related ‘soft′ factors you also should be considering as part of the equation?
    • Are there elements beyond the blade and machine, themselves, that can drive improvement in both cost-per-cut and overall ROI?

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