• Industrial Metal Cutting Benchmark Study

    Download the results from the Industrial Metal Cutting Benchmark Study and see how your organization measures up against other high performers

    How does your metal-cutting operation measure performance? Are you making sufficient efforts to minimize cutting machine downtime and increase productivity? How do you handle operator training and safety?

    Download our exclusive study, "Benchmark Survey of Industrial Metal Cutting Organizations," and see how your organization compares to your peers.

    A sample of the key findings covered in this study:

    • Invest in human capital – 64% of organizations that cite their metal-cutting operator turnover is reducing, year-over-year, also report their on-time job completion is trending upward year-over-year
    • Invest in smarter, more predictive operations management approaches – 51% of organizations that always follow all scheduled and preventative maintenance plans say that blade failure is predictable
    • Embrace proactive measures to extend blade life – Out of the organizations that report they have scrap and re-work costs less than five percent, 70% report always braking in their blades
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