Jun 03, 2010

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass., June 3, 2010 — LENOX®, a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools, torches, solder and band saw blades, announces Lee "Hackman" Breton′s retirement from a 48-year career at LENOX.

    Lee started at LENOX in 1962 on the manufacturing floor. During that time, Breton was credited with manufacturing the very first bi-metal reciprocating saw blade entirely by hand. At the time, former President Jim Davis went to him looking for a metal cutting blade to give to his plumber. Back then reciprocating blades were hardened, so he was desperate to give his plumber a solution for his continuous blade breakage problem. Lee′s bi-metal reciprocating saw blade was the answer to his (and many other users′) frustrations.

    Lee′s career at LENOX made a dramatic change in 1981 when the sales team at LENOX asked him if he thought he could cut a car in half with the new HackmasterTM Hacksaw blades to show off their superior strength and durability. He accepted and met this challenge which turned out to be the first of hundreds of car cuts – earning him the nickname Hackman. From that day forward, being Hackman became his full-time job. Over the years, Breton traveled the world as Hackman demonstrating the strength and durability of LENOX Tools by cutting over 500 cars and other items, including an oil tank truck, cargo plane, box car, house, armored car and even a bus at the 1999 Super Bowl XXXIIII.

    Lee commented on his unique career, "Being on the road and talking directly with our users brought my experience full circle. I have demonstrated LENOX products to the people who use them and helped make professional tradesmen do their jobs quicker and easier. They truly appreciate the hard work and quality that we put into each and every one of our products."

    "We′re really going to miss having Lee around," stated Rich Mathews VP of Marketing & New Business, LENOX. "He′s an amazing person and great to work with. He not only exemplified the LENOX brand with his trademark car cuts, he was always willing and able to help out the company with anything and everything. He will forever be considered a great employee as well as the best ambassador for the LENOX brand that we ever could ask for."

    Lee "Hackman" Breton′s last day at LENOX was May 28, 2010.