Team Hackman








    More than 25 years ago, Lee Breton was challenged to cut a car in half to demonstrate the extreme cutting performance of LENOX blades. This somewhat unusual request proved to be very successful and grew into a great way for HACKMAN and LENOX to demonstrate the extreme strength and durability of LENOX blades. Today, Lee “HACKMAN” Breton has performed this demonstration throughout the US and world. As an expert cutter, he has shared his knowledge with tool distributors, in columns within trade publications, on job sites and at trade shows. HACKMAN has cut, among other things, a bus, freight train, house, boxcar, airplane and of course, many cars. In doing so, he has demonstrated not only his admirable strength and cutting skill, but also the superior performance of LENOX® products, particularly, power tool accessories and hand tools.

    HACKMAN’s popularity and requests by LENOX users for live appearances worldwide has grown by leaps and bounds over the years — so much so that in 2004 LENOX recruited a team of master cutters, TEAM HACKMAN, to meet the demand. LENOX sends TEAM HACKMAN to distributors nationwide to conduct what LENOX calls “Main Events.” Distributors who buy-in LENOX product at a certain level earn the opportunity to host a Main Event on-site at their locations. These Main Events serve a dual purpose: they allow LENOX to demonstrate the premium value of its products to potential buyers and current users, and provide the distributor with the opportunity to thrill and amaze their customers with the excitement of a live car cutting and chances to win premium LENOX branded tools.

    In addition to car cuttings, TEAM HACKMAN members coordinate, schedule and carry out “Counter Days” at distributor locations for most days they’re not performing car cuttings. Counter Days gives LENOX® the opportunity to focus on training distributor personnel while demonstrating LENOX® products live to customers who visit the store.

    Over the years, HACKMAN, along with TEAM HACKMAN have performed hundreds of car cuttings with an ever-expanding team of expert cutters located nationwide. The TEAM HACKMAN car cuttings show off the extreme speed and life of the new LENOX® Gold™ reciprocating saw blade. The unique Titanium Nitride coating, paired with a patented innovative tooth design, work together to create the longest lasting reciprocating saw blade ever.