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Benchmark Survey:  Metal Cutting Performance Tackling the Top 5 Operating Challenges in the Metal Cutting Industry

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Sun Aug 20 2017 / Forges, best practices, blade failure, blade life, blade selection, bottlenecks, continuous improvement, LIT, operator training, predictive management, preventative maintenance, productivity, quality, workflow process,
While some downtime is inevitable, more and more forges and other industrial metal-cutting companies are discovering that proper maintenance and proactive care of equipment can significantly reduce its occurrence. The problem is that maintenance departments are typically busy putting out fires, which pushes anything “preventative” to the side. Why take the time to stop a […]

Tue Aug 15 2017 / Machine Shops, best practices, blade failure, bottlenecks, continuous improvement, human capital, LIT, operator training, productivity, quality, Safety, workflow process,
A top goal of every operations manager is to reduce error on the shop floor, whether it be mechanical error or human error. While 0% error rates are pretty hard to achieve, the reality is that even a small percentage of error can quickly add up. An article from Competitive Production puts this into perspective: […]

Thu Aug 10 2017 / Fabricators, best practices, continuous improvement, employee incentives, Employee Morale, human capital, lean manufacturing, LIT, operator training, productivity, resource allocation,
Continuous improvement and lean manufacturing are certainly not new concepts to today’s fabricators. The numerous benefits of “getting lean” have been widely accepted, which means that most shops have already undergone some type of improvement initiative. In many cases, understanding the benefits of lean manufacturing is not the challenge. The real challenge is making the […]