• Improving Performance

    Fixing talent and training gaps that are the root cause of performance issues in your metal cutting operations:

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    Do you see significant fluctuations in metal cutting performance that can’t be explained by the equipment? Do mistakes seem to be repeated on the shop floor – over and over again? What is the impact of this variability on the bottom line of your industrial metal cutting operation?

    Despite our best efforts to automate metal cutting workflows and processes, our operators on the shop floor remain the lynch pin.

    This ‘human factor’ costs time and money. How can you get to the root of – and solve – the problem?

    Check out our exclusive analysis of common talent and training gaps, “Accounting for Operator Inefficiencies in the Metals 2.0 Environment.”

    • What is the real cost of performance variability in a industrial metal cutting operation?
    • How do you diagnose talent and training taps as the ‘root cause’ of metal cutting performance issues?
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