• Metal Cutting Operations

    Ball and Roller Bearing Manufacturers:

    The Top Five Operating Challenges Ball and Roller Bearing Manufacturers Face in Industrial Metal-Cutting

    Recent reports continue to paint a positive market picture for ball and roller bearing manufacturers. Global demand for bearings is projected to rise 7.3 percent annually through 2018, with ball and roller bearings registering the fastest gains.

    Even with optimistic forecasts, industry leaders know they can’t afford to rest on their laurels. To stay competitive in today’s global market, manufacturers need to find new ways to both differentiate themselves and minimize costs.

    This means continuous improvement is critical. To keep costs low and production efficient, best-in-class companies are optimizing every aspect of their operation, including basic shop floor processes like metal cutting. From getting the most out of their circular saw blades to enforcing daily preventative maintenance checks, today’s top executives know that even the smallest improvement has a bottom-line implication.

    This paper will discuss the top five operating challenges ball and roller bearing manufacturers face in industrial metal cutting, the impact these challenges can have on the bottom line, and strategies for optimization.

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